Hill Animal Feeds


Hill Animal Feeds & Agrovet Supplies Company, Limited (“Hill Animal Feeds”), is a leading animal feed manufacturer in the Dar es Salaam region of Tanzania. Currently, Hill Animal Feeds is one of the largest producers of animal feed in Tanzania, with 75 full-time employees.  Hill Animal Feeds currently serves Tanzania’s coastal and central regions but expects to expand to other parts of the country.  The company currently serves approximately 1,800 farmers and expects to reach at least 30 percent more poultry farmers over the course of the next two years.

Hill Animal Feeds, a family owned business, was initially established to manufacture and sell customized animal feeds to meet the specifications of its customers, primarily smallholder poultry farmers. As the Company expanded, however, Hill Animal Feeds began producing its own recipe, gradually reducing its customization services. The Company now offers poultry feed products, including feed for broilers and layer birds, as well as veterinary services to its customers. In recent years, the founders have implemented a long-term strategy that has more than doubled the Company’s production capacity and resulted in an expansion into pelletized animal feed, as well as the launch of a soybean meal production line – a key animal feed ingredient.